What Is the Best Free VPN for Chrome?

Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers globally, known as being highly secure, and therefore great for those wanting to protect their safety and privacy while online.

However, for those wanting to enhance their online privacy further, Virtual Private Network (VPN) services are a great option to explore – 1 in 4 internet users reported to use a VPN.

While there’s a number of reputable, effective VPN services out there to explore, finding such a service for free can be a little tricky. With so many fake services and scams, on top of the limitations of more legitimate free services, choosing the wrong free VPN for chrome can even end up being dangerous.

Here, TechRound explores the best free VPNs for Chrome, looking at those with trustworthy, tried and tested reviews, what to expect from such a free service, and the low-cost alternatives for those wanting more from their VPN.


Are There Free VPNs for Chrome?


Yes! While offering a sense of privacy, anonymity while browsing the web, and unblocking streaming sites all for free may seem too good to be true, there are free VPN services for Chrome available.

It’s important to understand the restrictions that can come with free VPN offerings, and to also be wary of the scams and fakes out there.

Many of the high-quality VPN providers will only offer money-back services for a limited trial period. However, these risk free offerings can be for significant lengths of time, helping users to try out some top services before committing to a paid version.


Tried and Tested VPNs for Chrome


When looking for the best free VPN services for Chrome, it’s best to opt for those that have been tried and tested, with honest, positive feedback on reputable review sites. Below, we’ve listed some of the top tried and tested VPNs for Chrome, all with excellent reviews on the likes of vpnMentor, Trustpilot and more…


VPNPriceOfferClaim Deal
CyberGhostPlans start at £1.99/mo.Free Chrome extension.Get Deal >>
Private Internet AccessPlans start at £2.19/mo.30-day money-back guarantee.Get Deal >>
NordVPNPlans start at £2.74/mo.30-day money-back guarantee.Get Deal >>
ExpressVPNPlans start at £4.91/mo.30-day money-back guarantee.Get Deal >>
hide.mePlans start at £5.33/mo.Free plan available.






CyberGhost offers a free VPN Chrome extension, helping users to regain control of their privacy online.


Key Features:


  • User-friendly interface.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • No logs policy in place.
  • Users can connect to 8 servers across 4 different countries.

With this extension, users can hide their IP address, putting an end to geo-restricted limitations put in place by streaming services, social media and more.

CyberGhost also claim themselves to be one of a small group of VPN services that are able to bypass the anti-VPN geo-blocking algorithms on such popular streaming services as BBC iPlayer and Netflix.






NordVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee period for users that aren’t 100% satisfied with their experience.


Key Features:


  • Strong security settings.
  • Live chat customer support.
  • Unblocks some of the main streaming services across the world.
  • Can connect a maximum of 6 devices at the same time.
  • No bandwidth limits.
  • Covers 59 countries within 5 continents.

NordVPN offers a popular VPN Chrome extension, providing “Full-speed privacy” with no bandwidth limits and stable access everywhere – the provider’s network covering 59 countries within 5 continents.

Through this extension, users can keep their IP address protected from snooping third parties all in one click. NordVPN also hold a strict no-logs policy, meaning users won’t have their private data collected or shared by the provider – in their own words “It’s none of our business.”






ExpressVPN is another top notch VPN service for Chrome to consider, also offering a risk free, 30-day money-back guarantee for customers who aren’t 100% happy with the provider’s services.

On top of this, ExpressVPN are also currently offering a special 15 month plan at £4.91 per month, with 3 free months included.


Key Features:


  • Offers a superb range of security features.
  • Enables users to access all apps, content and services, regardless of location.
  • Unlimited bandwidth.
  • 24 hour access to the customer support team.
  • Has over 3,000 servers in 94 countries.

ExpressVPN offers a wide range of fantastic features, with a risk free 30-day money-back guarantee, perfect for those looking to try the provider’s services out before committing to its paid-for services.

Its services are compatible not only with Chrome, but also Safari, Firefox, iOS, Android and Windows, and also works with BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and more.






hide.me offers a life-time free VPN service, with no registration or sign up required, no logs, no ads, trackers or speed throttling.


Key Features: 


  • Data usage of 10GB/mo.
  • Ad-free.
  • User-friendly custom apps.
  • Five server locations (for free service).

Hide.me offers a fully-free service, its Google Chrome extension being incredibly user-friendly and easy to navigate.

However, the provider’s free service is limited, only able to unblock a few streaming sites, with its monthly data cap limiting your streaming ability. On top of this, with hide.me’s free service users will get access to only 5 server locations, compared to paid users’ access to 75+ server locations across the world.


The Best Chrome VPN and Extension 2021


The best chrome VPN and extensions for you will depend on what you need from such a service. As listed above, the VPNs available for Google Chrome have varied offerings, prices, and “free” periods.

In order to find the best chrome VPN and extension for you, it’s therefore important to establish what you want from this service, what’s a priority, and whether you’re willing to sacrifice the length of the free period for the added features that come with a paid-for service.


Is a Free VPN for Chrome Safe?


VPN services for Chrome can be safe if you choose a trustworthy provider. One of the main points of using a VPN is to help keep your privacy protected when browsing online. However, even with a VPN, the provider of such services will still be able to access your IP address, as well as the sites you have visited while using it.

In order to maximise your safety while using a VPN for chrome, it’s therefore important to choose one that’s trustworthy – one that doesn’t track user data, or provide the information it’s collected from you to businesses or agencies.

It’s also been reported that free VPN services are more likely to keep track of their users’ data when compared to paid for services. After all, free VPNs need to make their money up somehow.

However, this doesn’t mean all services of this nature are untrustworthy, or that they should be avoided – it just means you have to be vigilant as to the true privacy and protection such services offer.

When exploring free VPN services, it’s therefore vital to check each prospective provider’s privacy policy, and only consider those that will collect the minimal amounts of data.