13. Melissa Snover, CEO and Founder at Nourished

Name: Melissa Snover

Position: CEO and Founder

Company: Nourished

Website: https://get-nourished.com/




About Melissa Snover and Nourished


The concept of Nourished is rooted in my involvement in the food industry, passion for wellness, and personal experience with nutrition. As a busy entrepreneur, I travel all over the world and have too often been burdened with the weight of multiple vitamins and pillboxes in my luggage. On one memorable occasion, I dropped my box of supplements at airport security and had to crawl around on the floor to pick them up. That experience sat with me and left me determined to simplify nutrients into one personalised and convenient solution.

At the time I already had a successful business which provided customised confectionary for specialist retail and events all over the world; one which used patented 3D printing technology which I developed in 2015. After coming up with the concept of Nourished, I sought to adapt this technology and incorporate active ingredients into my vegan encapsulation gel, to create authentic personalised nutrition to scale.

Our product offering has grown exponentially since then, with our patented 3D printing process helping to aid a myriad of healthcare concerns: from menopause and sexual health to immunity and digestion. The personalised 3D printed Stack (our hero product) is now disrupting the health and nutrition market. Each customer completes a short consultation online, delving into the details of their lifestyle, health, and personal goals. Our science-backed algorithm then makes a bespoke recommendation of the 7 active ingredients most suited to that individual, and we 3D print each order on demand for optimum efficacy and absorption levels.

Our approach has highlighted the shortcomings of the traditional vitamin industry – where products are mass-produced and often come from protracted supply chains. Nourished has carved a path into the future of health through nutritional insights, and innovative technology, as well as setting a new standard for the meaning of personalisation.

In five years, we’ve sold more than 6 million Stacks, are rated 4.6/5 from over 8000 reviews, and launched into 4 new markets. Our three Birmingham facilities have become global trade hubs, and we now have over 160 staff. However, we’ve also had to overcome a significant share of obstacles. Whether that’s the notoriously challenging world of investment (particularly for women) or the COVID-19 pandemic arriving four months into Nourished launching, the business has had to navigate its way through a constantly evolving social and business landscape.

2023 was a fantastic year for the business and 2024 is on track to be our strongest yet. Our global export has increased by an outstanding 3,484% in the last three years, thanks to pop-ups and stockists in Japan, a developing presence in the US, and a landmark deal with European pharmaceutical giant, UPSA, to stock a range of custom-designed Stacks in thousands of pharmacies across the continent.

As we look ahead to Q2 and beyond, we’re bolstering our retail presence thanks to deals with Co-op, broadening our product line with an expanded Collagen+ range, and preparing to extend our European reach to Spain, Belgium, Switzerland, and Greece.




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