23. Taylor Sturtevant, Director of Customer Success, US at Brand Metrics

Name: Taylor Sturtevant

Position: Director of Customer Success, US

Company: Brand Metrics

Website: https://www.brandmetrics.com/


Brand Metrics


About Taylor Sturtevant and Brand Metrics


Brand Metrics provides a market-leading platform to measure brand uplift for digital ad campaigns, including display, branded content and video – even campaigns as small as 50,000 impressions – to ensure publishers have tangible proof of their value for even smaller clients.

Taylor is Head of Customer Success at Brand Metrics US. Previously Director, Customer Success at Marketing Evolution, a New York-based provider of marketing measurement and optimisation solutions, Taylor is an experienced industry professional with an impressive track record in market research, team leadership, customer service and strategic planning.

From Marketing Rising Star and Mentor at university to a director-level role at just 23, Taylor is a born leader. As the first US hire for Brand Metrics, she’s already built out the CS operational structure in the region – leading daily client communications, coordinating across CS, Product, and DevOps, and producing insights and recommendations that tie to measurable client value as opposed to simply delivering data.

Despite her age, she’s able to manage up and never shies away from a challenge – having already quadrupled the number of clients onboarded in her region from 3 to 12, including NYT and CafeMedia.

Clients ask for Taylor. They trust her, and in turn she builds relationships based on trust and honesty. Fearless as she is, however, she has managed to do much the same throughout her career, finding that clients appreciate honesty ‘rather than stroking egos or promising the earth.

“There’s nothing wrong with failing,” she adds, “It can help you to learn, to grow and work towards becoming the best version of yourself.”

Despite being physically disabled from birth, Taylor has never let that get in her way. On the contrary, it only makes her even more determined: “I learnt at a very young age not to be a victim and to never let others assume what my capabilities are. I know myself, and I know what I can do, even if others don’t see a path forward at the time. If it is possible, I will find a way.”

Fiercely independent, Taylor forges her own path, in the knowledge that even if something seems challenging, upsetting or seemingly impossible, very often it can still be done.

In this way, she continues to triumph. She is a true rising star of the industry – driving innovation and seizing any opportunities that present themselves.




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