27. Haifa Barbari, Founder & EVP of Strategy and Innovation at Be What Matters & Dialect

Name: Haifa Barbari

Position: Founder & EVP of Strategy and Innovation

Company: Be What Matters & Dialect

Website: https://www.bewhatmatters.co


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About Haifa Barbari and Be What Matters & Dialect


Haifa Barbari embodies the spirit of entrepreneurial leadership within the evolving tech landscape. Her contributions span from founding a groundbreaking self-coaching app, “Be What Matters,” to leading Dialect’s strategic transformation into Web 3 and emerging technology.

Driven by a desire to break gender stereotypes and deeply ingrained biases in the tech and games industry, Haifa recognises the need for female representation and the impact it can have on shaping cultural narratives and perception now and in the future.

Her dedication to challenging societal norms and her own experience fueled her to found “Be What Matters,” the first-of-its kind app addressing mental health concerns specifically caused by dating apps, social media comparison culture and tech overuse. On a mission to reduce loneliness and empower people to improve their lifestyle and relationships, within its initial six months at MVP stage, the app garnered global media attention, highlighting Haifa’s first to market solution, and commitment to addressing societal issues.

At Dialect, Haifa spearheads the agency’s Web 3 and emerging technology practice – a qualified futurist, she recognises the immense potential for businesses in these spaces, and shaping them responsibly. She plays a pivotal role in future proofing global brands, guiding them in navigating the evolving landscape, planning product innovation, Mixed Reality experiences, virtual worlds, strategising revenue models with NFTs, and connects the future with experiences now. Her leadership has secured key clients, solidifying Dialect’s position as a leader in this new paradigm.

Haifa’s influence is growing. She is a sought-after speaker, sharing her expertise on social wellness, future, brand sustainability in virtual worlds and advocating for women in the industry. She has written for media publications such as ES magazine and the Times, further amplifying her voice and inspiring others.

Additionally, Haifa champions inclusivity and talent mobility. She established a “strat-chat” group for female strategic planners, fostering a supportive community and offering free mentorship. Haifa embodies her belief that talent transcends background and discovers often overlooked potential. Examples include hiring a local coffee shop worker into Dialect, and a dog walker to gain A.I programming experience within her app business.

Haifa’s vision is to revolutionise the tech and gaming industry, fostering both innovation and equality, relentlessly advocating to businesses and promoting a culture that values the same and compensates women equally. This multifaceted approach makes her a powerful force for positive change.

Looking ahead Haifa remains unwaveringly dedicated to driving social change and is engaging investor discussions to secure £2M of funding to build the full a.i. alpha of the self-coaching app and scale. At Dialect, she is now a board member and plans to promote further innovation, guiding brands through the ever-evolving tech landscape.

Her achievements reflect not just entrepreneurial spirit but a commitment to shaping a more equitable and innovative future for the tech and gaming industry. By breaking down barriers, empowering others, and embracing emerging technologies, she sets a powerful example for both aspiring entrepreneurs and leaders.




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