29. Marina Anderson, Co-Founder at RAW

Name: Marina Anderson

Position: Co-Founder

Company: RAW

Website: https://www.raw.app/


RAW: date 100% real people - Apps on Google Play


About Marina Anderson and RAW


Marina Anderson is co-founder of dating app RAW. RAW solves common online-dating problems and brings back that simple feeling of a high school crush. No polished profiles— only raw, authentic real-life moments. The main goal of RAW is to let you show your true self through daily unfiltered photo updates on the app’s dual camera feature.

RAW is already booming among young and creative New Yorkers. We launched last summer in New York and got 250,000 monthly active users in 6 months. Recently we have become a new #1 most downloaded dating app in the US and the UK Google Play.

“Most people are drawn to real-life authenticity, not polished performativity. But modern online dating is often plagued with mindless swiping, fake profiles and disastrous dates. We’re planning to change that by bringing IRL human connections back to dating. No catfishing, ghosting, or toxicity. Only pure real-life moments and up-to-date photos with no filters”- says Marina Anderson, co-founder of RAW dating app.

Marina has been working on a product side with such dating apps like Badoo and RAW. She is a brand marketing leader with over 10 years of diverse experience in brand development, marketing strategy, PR, media, content, and influencer marketing. She has a proven track record of crafting powerful brand stories, driving user engagement, and scaling businesses across the tech and dating industries.

Marina is a contributor at Forbes and Entrepreneur, and many other media outlets.




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