35. Maggie Vo, Managing General Partner and Chief Investment Officer at Fuel Venture Capital

Name: Maggie Vo

Position: Managing General Partner and Chief Investment Officer

Company: Fuel Venture Capital

Website: https://fuelventurecapital.com





About Maggie Vo and Fuel Venture Capital


Maggie Vo was born and raised in Vietnam. She came to the U.S. by herself when she was 17 years old with the goal of building a career in the U.S. and achieving the American Dream. With a full scholarship, she graduated from Centre College with a double major in Financial Economics and Mathematics.

To take her knowledge to the next level, she studied for and passed all three Chartered Financial Analyst exams on her first attempt. All of these qualifications propelled her into being a leader and positioned her well to tackle the demanding and challenging role of Managing General Partner and Chief Investment Officer at Fuel Venture Capital.

She began her career in finance at Prudential Vietnam Fund Management, and later, Prudential Property Investment Managers in Singapore. Right before joining Fuel Venture Capital, she was a portfolio manager for a global long short equity hedge fund. In 2018, she decided to make a transition from the public markets to the world of venture capital since she recognised that value is continually shifting to actors in early-stage private-market deals.

At Fuel Venture Capital, under Maggie’s leadership as the Managing General Partner and Chief Investment Officer, the fund’s portfolio of high-growth tech startups has grown from four to 33 companies with more than $550 million in AUM.

Maggie has always been very academically inclined, with a particular interest in math and finance, which lent itself perfectly to her goal to have a career in investment which has always been her passion. Once she started her career after college, her goal back then was to build a broad understanding of all the asset classes.

While in her position as a portfolio manager, managing a global long short equity strategy, she noticed assets under management were finding their way from the public market to the private market, technology companies were staying private longer, and that most public companies were larger, older, and in more concentrated sectors. These reasons prompted her to transition to the private market, specifically towards venture capital, where she can offer clients access to exponential returns.

Venture capital offers exponential returns because value creation happens at the early stages of a company’s life cycle. On the other hand, in her current position as the General Partner and Chief Investment Officer of Fuel Venture Capital, she can be more hands-on and leverage her knowledge and experience to help founders and create an impact on startup companies.

Maggie’s plans for this year involved raising a fourth fund at Fuel Venture Capital. She envisions a future where gender equality is not just a goal but a reality, where women have equal access to education, career advancement, and leadership positions. She strives to be a role model for her daughter and women everywhere.





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