43. Tifenn Dano Kwan, Chief Marketing Officer at Amplitude

Name: Tifenn Dano Kwan

Position: Chief Marketing Officer

Company: Amplitude

Website: https://amplitude.com/



About Tifenn Dano Kwan and Amplitude


I started my marketing journey in the early 2000s and quickly found a passion for the technology industry. Working alongside partner and channel teams, the objectives were always revenue and ARR, but I saw everything through the lens of marketing. This view helped me grow and scale my influence within the companies where I worked and helped me eventually gain more senior leadership positions.

In my previous CMO roles at Collibra and Dropbox, I centralised marketing programming around customer value to drive revenue growth and facilitated a data-driven transformation of the company’s marketing functions. This work helped to build category-leading brands. Not long into my career, I discovered I had a talent for organising teams, processes, and programmes. I’ve found that mid-sized companies in a hyper-growth stage are where I thrive. Typically, I’ve found myself bringing together 50-60 people across multiple departments to create one central team!

A major challenge I’ve overcome throughout my career is one that many tech companies face today: the gap between product and marketing teams. Today, your digital product is the key driver of your business’s growth. But your organisation cannot successfully utilise this growth lever without proper team collaboration. Product and marketing teams have historically worked in silos. In my career, I’ve gone as far as to move product and marketing teams next to each other in our office to facilitate that collaboration. Getting these teams to have shared goals, shared data, and a shared vision is critical for business success.

In my time at Amplitude, I’ve led collaboration between our product, sales, and marketing team to help spearhead growth. In October, we launched our self-serve Plus plan to help teams get up and running with Amplitude on their own. We recently launched a brand new product, Session Replay, on 7 February and have already seen 20 deal wins. And of course, we continue to tell our customers’ successes with Amplitude through engaging, viral storytelling focused on the return on investment they have found.

This year, our plan is to make Amplitude an essential tool for every builder. Whether you are building digital products, websites, or marketing campaigns, I want to make it clear that Amplitude is a critical part of companies’ tech stacks. To do this, we’ll focus on winning enterprise businesses with our platform approach, increasing global brand awareness, optimising our product-led growth engine, and scaling our wonderful community of product and growth experts. I am incredibly excited for all that is to come in 2024 and am grateful for all the lessons I’ve learned in my career that have empowered me to drive this focus, strategy, and growth at Amplitude.





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