49. Alina Veselaya, Founder at Refraim

Name: Alina Veselaya

Position: Founder

Company: Refraim

Website: https://refraim.co/





About Alina Veselaya and Refraim


With 8 years of experience as a brand consultant, an agency owner, and an in-house marketer working across SaaS, deep tech and e-commerce, I help startup founders translate their vision into a clear go-to-market, brand strategy & product marketing across channels.

With domain expertise and passion for AI/ML, last year I created a no-code tool that delivers a rapid brand framework and a landing page copy in 15 minutes. After completing Antler’s accelerator program with a 4% acceptance rate in late 2023, I have taken her framework to the next level – developing a brand operating platform Refraim.

This year, I’m planning to get it in front of the first paying customers and develop my product further – to gain initial traction and start fundraising. I also would like to capture my experience of building the tech product – as a non-technical and a woman – in writing and sharing key takeaways with others in the community.





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