10. Dr Leslie Kanthan, Dr Fan Wu and Dr Lingbo Li – TurinTech

Company: TurinTech

Website: https://www.turintech.ai/

Business: TurinTech is the pioneer in code optimisation for machine learning and other data-intensive applications. By using AI to optimise code, TurinTech helps organisations become more efficient and sustainable, decreasing development and compute costs and accelerating time-to-production.


About Dr Leslie Kanthan, Dr Fan Wu and Dr Lingbo Li and TurinTech


TurinTech was co-founded in 2018 by three University College London (UCL) researchers from the Department of Computer Science. The idea for TurinTech was developed out of their frustration by the time-consuming manual machine learning development and manual code optimising processes – both of which were resource-intensive.

Together, they built an AI optimisation platform – EvoML- to automate the entire process of creating, deploying and optimising AI, which led onto the creation of TurinTech which has revolutionised the world of code optimisation. TurinTech has since helped thousands of developers to improve their code quality and efficiency.



Since its inception, TurinTech has grown from four founders to 40+ employees within the space of three years, raising over £4 million in funding from IQ Capital and SpeedInvest.



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