9. Lavinia D. Osbourne – Women in Blockchain Talks

Company: Women in Blockchain Talks

Website: https://wibt.mykajabi.com/

Business: Women in Blockchain Talks is the UK’s leading diversity-driven blockchain education and networking ecosystem.


About Lavinia and Women in Blockchain Talks

Women in Blockchain Talks is the UK’s leading diversity-driven blockchain education and networking ecosystem.

By amplifying underrepresented voices within blockchain, WiBT’s mission is to give the skills and the confidence to anyone – regardless of age, gender, nationality or background – to blaze their own personal or professional trail within blockchain, NFTs and the metaverse.

WiBT has an engaged community of over 4,000 collectively across telegram, social media, email and online.

In an area where events are often male-heavy and full of buzzwords and jargon, WiBT is a breath of fresh air. Participants call it “the go-to place for education and inspiration where there is no such thing as a stupid question”, and a “much needed platform to ensure blockchain is accessible”.

WiBT’s founder, Lavinia, is one of the LinkedIn’s 2021 Top Voice in Tech & Innovation. Lavinia grew up in a one parent, all women family, so realised from an early age that the women in the workplace, and in society faced very different challenges to men. As an adult when she entered the workforce she experienced first hand that the current working system is built in a way that offers less opportunity to women by design. As a result, Lavinia has always been an advocate for female empowerment, particularly around personal finances and career opportunities.

This led her to start her own business in financial wellbeing, where she discovered blockchain and was inspired to start WiBT. Combining her passionate belief in blockchain’s egalitarian ideals with a commitment to utilising her knowledge, connections and entrepreneurial spirit to bring opportunity for all, Lavinia works tirelessly to break down barriers by raising underrepresented voices.

To continue this momentum, WiBT launched a 50k Women to Blockchain by 2023’ campaign last May to try and encourage more and more marginalised groups to enter the space. Now Lavinia is creating the first-ever women-led Blockchain Conference, open to all genders, but with all women and non-binary speakers. The conference is scheduled to be held in Cyprus early next year.

What Did The Judges Like About Women In Blockchain Talks?

Sithara mentioned, “Around 72% of crypto investors are men, compared to the 28% who are women. Women in Blockchain Talks is doing great work to equalise those statistics by educating women about blockchain.”

Alix said, “I love seeing women being a focus in newer spaces, especially in tech – and especially when it involves education and skill building. It’s comforting to see people like me represented in Blockchain and Web3. Excited to see the future strands building on WIBT’s campaign!



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