8. Trina Nicole – The Curve Catwalk

Company: The Curve Catwalk

Website: https://www.thecurvecatwalk.com/

Business: The Curve Catwalk is a space that offers plus-size dance classes, providing a safe space that challenges the view that dance is only for one body type.


About Trina Nicole and The Curve Catwalk

In 2018, choreographer Trina founded The Curve Catwalk with the ambition of revolutionising the ideologies surrounding dance. She wanted to challenge the belief that dance is exclusive to one body type. This is why she created a safe space for plus-size individuals to dance, championing physical activity that can be used to improve well-being, mental health and spark joy.

The Curve Catwalk workshops are centred around routines with a focus on self-love. Sessions are 2 hours long, and Trina has discussed the positive transformation she sees in women and their attitudes before and after the session. She stated that “women walk into the class nervous, shy, anxious and not knowing what to expect, versus how they walk out, with a whole new energy, leases of life- and that’s me seeing them in the physical.”  Alongside The Curve Catwalk, Trina also co-founded black women’s empowerment community Curlture alongside Jay-Ann Lopez.



The first workshop was held in 2018 as a monthly dance class but after becoming overly subscribed she started hosting weekly sessions. Trina’s business has seen rapid growth with sessions increasing and selling out in advance. Trina has thanked word of mouth for helping the business to organically grow although The Curve Catwalk has been featured on the BBC on Miriam Margolyes’ Big Fat Adventure and on Channel 4.

Trina recently became an ambassador for Nike who approached her after discovering her on social media. The sportswear brand supported the values that The Curve Catwalk champions and since her partnership with Nike, Trina has been part of multiple campaigns including a Bra edit for Nike too.


What Did The Judges Like About The Curve Catwalk?

Sithara liked “A really cool recurring theme with this year’s top 10 is inclusion and empowerment, which are values that The Curve Catwalk exemplifies. ”

Alix said “Love what Curve Catwalk is up to, the space the team is creating and how much it’s achieved so far. I hope they become a known name wherever women with larger or curvier bodies feel currently unwelcome, or where spaces of movement don’t feel accessible. So with that, I hope the Curve Catwalk’s team grows exponentially to deliver experiences scale!”



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