7. Jay-Ann Lopez- Black Girl Gamers

Company: Black Girl Gamers

Website: https://www.theblackgirlgamers.com/

Business: Black Girl Gamers is a community-powered organisation that champions diversity, inclusion and equity in the Gaming industry.

About Jay-Ann Lopez and Black Girl Gamers

Black Girl Gamers was founded by Jay in 2015, growing from a small Facebook group into an entire network of over 8k black women around the world passionate about gaming. Jay was born and raised in London, playing her first game at 6 and receiving her first console, a Nintendo DS. She quickly noticed the lack of representation on screen and within games and wanted to change this. In 2015, she started a Twitch channel that became a safe online space that now has over 35,000 followers.

Black Girl Gamers has grown to become a positive influence for change in the gaming industry. Jay was frustrated with the lack of diversity, as well as the racism and misogyny she experienced as a black woman in gaming. Her main goal was to increase exposure and inclusion for women in the gaming industry. Jay had also created an online community alongside her best friend to help support minority voices called Curlture which she initially ran alongside Black Girl Gamers whilst working full-time. Jay spoke about wanting to create more female experiences discussing how male-dominated the gaming industry had been with events being created from male perspectives.

Black Girl Gamers

Black Girl Gamers was recently featured in Forbes as one of 30 Black-owned businesses that people should support. Jay was also featured on Yahoo Finance for establishing Black Girl Gamers. They have been part of a range of events including a panel at the V&A in 2019 on the future of gaming. Black Girl Gamers have also hosted UK events such as Pass The Pad which partnered with Belong Gaming Arenas to deliver an evening of gaming, panels and tournaments.


What Did The Judges Like About Black Girl Gamers?

Alix said “Such a killer brand. Amazing to see its large and engaged community already.”

Sithara said “My favourite thing about this business is that it connects women all over the world, and provides them with a supportive community.”



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