6. Atinuke Awe- Learning with Ez

Company: Learning with Ez

Website: https://learningwithez.co.uk/

Business: Learning with Ez is a learning platform for children aimed at changing perceptions and attitudes to autism.

About Atinuke Awe and Learning with Ez

In 2020, Atinuke founded Learning with Ez with the aim of tackling the lack of representation for neurodiverse children. She wanted to increase the conversations surrounding autism and neurodiversity with the aim of challenging stigmas. She has stated that she wants to ensure that children are raised to be empathetic and understanding. Ezekiel, her son, who was recently diagnosed with autism, helped to inspire Atinuke as she admitted she knew little about autism but needed to learn so she could support her son.


Atinuke Award


Learning with Ez provides diverse educational children’s resources with a picture book and two sets of visual aid flashcards. Atinuke is currently in the process of raising funds with the products being used to support children. She has stated that the products are not diagnosis specific – all children will benefit from them. Her platform Mum’s & Tea also helps to break down the stigma around neurodiversity and she regularly organises events to help connect moms within the Black community.


Recently, Atinuke was called a  ‘Force for Change’ by British Vogue, a ‘Woman changing the World’ by the Evening Standard for International Women’s Days in 2022 and she has frequently spoken about diversity and inclusion, autism and black maternal health in a range of publications. In 2022, Atinuke won an award at the UK Black Business Show in the Top 25 Black Entrepreneurs to Watch category.


What Did The Judges Like About Learning With EZ?

Alix commented “The raison d’etre of this company is so needed. Any mission focused on increasing empathy has a thumbs up from me! I’m noticing more and more conversations and action around supporting neurodiverse learning. Very happy to see Learning with EZ as proof. I’d be interested to see where product development goes and how the company scales to touch more early autistic learners and families.”



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