12. George Meressa

Company: Clear Ads

Website: https://www.clearads.co.uk/

Business: An Amazon DSP and PPC Advertising Agency


About George and Clear Ads

George has been in Digital advertising since 2009, working on a wide range of services including Google, Amazon, Bing, LinkedIn and Facebook pay per click platforms. He has worked with hundreds of advertisers across the world in numerous industries and sectors.

Even from a young age, George was a budding entrepreneur. The 33-year-old would sell sweets and fizzy drinks at school and later on at university, where he studied for a degree in Business Management.

Clear Ads was established by George in 2011 and their HQ may be in London but you’re just as likely to find them talking all things Amazon to sellers and partners in New York, Prague or Las Vegas.




Clear Ads is a 100% Amazon agency. That means all of their account managers are entirely immersed in Amazon marketing services and Amazon DSP around the clock. They do not work on social media or use content marketing. In fact, they guarantee that you won’t find a more knowledgeable Amazon team than the ClearAds crew outside of Amazon itself.

Clear Ads was vital during lockdown as a wave of companies relied on online advertisements in order to survive financially. During this team the company’s revenue skyrocketed from less than half a million to over £1.2 million in the space of a year.

George was struggling in the first few years of Clear Ads but then he saw an opportunity. Amazon, which has an average of 197 million people visiting its site every month was struggling with Amazon PPC – its pay-per-click advertising platform.

George was building a huge client base with businesses who needed his help with Amazon advertising, and work began to pick up. Clear Ads now has a large team and continues to be Amazon advertising experts.


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