11. Murvah Iqbal

Company: HIVED

Website: https://www.hived.space/

Business: A mass market parcel delivery network that is entirely emission free.


About Murvah and HIVED

Murvah co-founded and started HIVED in January 2020. HIVED is a mass market parcel delivery network that is entirely emission free.

Parcel delivery is currently broken. It’s harmful for the environment, unethical and lacks technology. HIVED has redeveloped the whole process that is greener, cheaper and better.

Murvah started HIVED because Parcel delivery needs to be reinvented. HIVED redeveloped the process of getting a parcel from the warehouse to the front door from ground-up, drawing on powerful data analysis, extensive process innovation and and cutting-edge software.




They came up with a system that is better than the status quo in every way imaginable – scalable, more affordable, better all around and 100% emission free. Since launching, Murvah and her team have won an InnovateUK Grant and raised £1.74 million from leading Venture Capital funds and Angel Investors.

They founded HIVED with the goal of building the first mass-market zero-emission parcel delivery network whilst providing the best experience at a more affordable price.

Doing this means companies are able to massively reduce their carbon footprint, and customers will enjoy receiving their parcel. HIVED is currently operating in London but has major national expansion plans for 2022.


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