10. Namrata Sandhu

Company: Vaayu

Website: https://www.vaayu.tech/

Business: Automated software to track, reduce and offset carbon emissions, real-time


About Namrata and Vaayu

Namrata is a co-founder and CEO of Vaayu. Vaayu is the world’s first automated carbon software for retailers to help them track, monitor and reduce their carbon footprint across the supply chain in real-time. Vaayu’s software platform automatically pulls and analyses data to help retailers reduce their carbon footprint at scale. It does so by integrating with multiple retail point-of-sale systems and drawing on the data on sales, logistics and product, so retailers can measure and lower their carbon emissions in real-time.


vaayu product


Vaayu is the product of many years spent understanding the problems facing the sector. Namrata studied Environment and Sustainable Development at University College London and later completed Harvard University’s Sustainability Executive Leadership Program, before eventually becoming head of sustainability at leading global retailer, Zalando. This experience gave her an invaluable insight into the specific challenges the retail sector has to grapple with and why existing solutions to help them become more sustainable and environmentally-friendly are a stopgap at best.

If the sector continues to grow at its current rate, modest predictions suggest that emissions will surge by more than 50% by 2030. The only way to curb this trend is by providing retailers with granular data on every aspect of their operations so they can better understand the environmental impact of their value chain and make changes accordingly. For example, this could mean replacing plastic for another material, or introducing space-efficient packaging, by putting products in boxes that are proportional to their size.

Vaayu empowers retailers with real-time data by integrating with eight of the nine largest e-commerce software providers including Shopify, which cover 75% of the online e-commerce software market. A year on since it launched, Vaaau has already on-boarded 25+ retailers including renowned jewellery brand, Missoma, and sustainable fashion brands, Armed Angels and Organic Basics, and is in final talks with some of the world’s largest retailers.

Vaayu is for retailers of all sizes – they pride themselves on making the data as simple to understand as possible and give retailers the information they need to reduce their carbon emissions. With consumer pressure rising, they also support retailers with their external messaging so consumers can where the brands they love are on their sustainability journey.


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