13. John Otagburuagu , Founder at Black Cowboy Coffee Waffles

Name: John Otagburuagu

Company: Black Cowboy Coffee Waffles

Website: https://blackcowboycoffee.co.uk/howdy



About John Otagburuagu and Black Cowboy Coffee Waffles

Black Cowboy Coffee is an enterprise that takes pride in providing organic, fair trade Coffee beans. We believe that sourcing the best Coffee beans and providing the best service is a winning combination.

Black Cowboy Coffee is steeped in the ambiance and bravado of 1800’s American West. Come and feel Xavier’s Life journey from Brazil to the American West. Based in London, come and feel the atmosphere at our first Café as we evolve into the past – we hope you’ll appreciate our devotion to bringing you the highest quality beans from around the world.