12. Michelle Ogbonna, CEO, Managing Director, Founder at Latestsale.com Limited

Name: Michelle Ogbonna

Company: Latestsale.com Limited

Website: https://www.latestsale.com/



About Michelle Ogbonna and Latestsale.com Limited

Founded in 2005, the word “sale” is incorporated into the company domain name latestsale.com and ethos. We do not hide behind an abstract company name. We are transparent specialists; focusing on premium sales with brands and consumers who engage with ethical technology. LatestSale.com created its own Marketing mission, centred around organic technology™ and edtech commerce™ for the creative industry and hospitality, travel and leisure sector.

Our network of the top minds in technology are part of an entrepreneurial collective who believe AI can only be the future if humans control it and meaningful jobs are created.
What is the Al technology creator roadmap?
Current AI strategies aim to casually replace human thoughts, jobs and processes by creating tools “smarter” than humans. The reason for this goal is still unclear…… An alternative to this viewpoint is what we offer.

Our award-winning content on the “Your Voice is Amplified” Podcast says it all.

Our blue chip corporate Marketing and sponsorship programmes deploying responsible AI techniques, continue to win awards.

We believe in sales. We believe in profit. We believe in ESG. We believe artists have the right to decide who has access to their work, ideas, assets, and minds, and they should be compensated for this access. This does not mean creators are “full of resentment.” Generative AI firms cannot hide behind “fair usage” claims or “we are giving consumers what they want before they know it” assertions. Copyright infringement is just that. We work with creators to help them grow with AI and not strip them of their assets.

We are not part of a community “playing God with everyone’s lives” by “blocking progress in a labyrinth of negativity.”

We are not “captured.”

We believe in CSR. We believe in innovation. But we believe in fair outcomes. We believe in healthy new product development and accountable product lifecycle management principles. We believe in SaaS. When it is good it is great. Our tagline is “Distributing Diversity.” Yes, we are “woke.”

Life- we have the right to choose. We believe Destructive Artificial Intelligence is the biggest threat to humankind, our freedoms, ability to choose and our way of life. But only if we let it.

We will continue to captivate audiences with our network of micro influencers to push for the sales and growth of trailblazing products and services using our own proprietary AI solutions and help spread the word about the companies that also engage in this practice through their own responsible AI choices.