11. Nadeem Ahmad, Founder & CEO at Templeton and Partners

Name: Nadeem Ahmad

Company: Templeton and Partners

Website: https://www.templeton-recruitment.com/



About Nadeem Ahmad and Templeton and Partners

Recruitment is historically a white male-dominated environment. Templeton’s Founder and CEO Nadeem Ahmad was driven to create a truly diverse recruitment agency that led diversity in tech and business.

Templeton’s team have first-hand knowledge and understanding of diverse candidate needs and challenges, uniquely positioning us to engage tech professionals in their own languages and match them with organisations building global teams. Templeton are:
• 60% Female – with 50% female leadership

• 55% Ethnic Minority – with Ethnic Minority leadership

• 70% International

• 13% LGBT+

• 20% Neurodivergent

• 43% from disadvantaged backgrounds

• 85% Diverse.
Instead of the same job boards used by most recruiters, Templeton proactively engage diverse candidates through:
• Referral Programmes

• Original content featuring our diverse team

• Headhunting from female, BAME and LGBT+ online communities

• Attending, sponsoring and speaking at events for diverse professionals

• Partnering local Universities to recruit diverse students and alumni.
Nadeem created Templeton’s Diversity Advisory Council to involve employees and increase service inclusivity through:
• Diverse Mentoring

• Anonymous Feedback Survey

• Interactive Colleague Training – First-hand experiences of diverse employees who present to the business

• Anti-Discrimination Ambassador

• Fun activities celebrating cultures, languages and backgrounds

• Anonymous Discrimination Reporting Tool

• Campaigns – Black & LGBT History Months, Holi, Ramadan and independence days globally
The Diversity Council has achieved:
• 85% staff diversity (compared to 80% in 2021)

• 55% BAME representation (31% in 2021)

• Doubled LGBT+ representation

• Employees originating from outside the UK grew from 50% to 70%

• 20% of staff are openly neurodiverse (not measured previously)

• 94% of staff strongly agree they can bring their whole selves to work (88% in 2021).
In the past year Templeton’s employee diverse hire retention increased by 150%. 82% of new hires since 2020 are diverse. 51% of new hires were ethnic minority background in the past year (previously 32%) and 30% of all promotions were of ethnic minority background. Since Q1 2022, all quarterly internal prize winners and 80% of finalists are diverse.

Diverse recruiters help diverse candidates into fulfilling employment and help businesses become more inclusive. We found jobs for 100% more people last year than the previous year: 40% of candidates were female or BAME, and 20% additionally diverse. Our 2023 candidate placements were 55% BAME, 22% LGBTQ+, and 7% transgender or nonbinary – well above industry and national representation.

Templeton are passionate about empowering diverse and disadvantaged young people through tech. Partnering charity Tech She Can, Templeton run school assemblies on tech careers, CV workshops and practice interviews for disadvantaged students.

The Institute of Coding is a collaboration between 35 universities to train 900,000 diverse tech specialists. Templeton partner the IoC to provide the next generation of diverse talent with business-critical tech skills, connect graduates with potential employers and support diverse graduates.

Templeton are working with FTSE and Fortune 500 clients on D&I activities to increase diverse representation and inclusive recruitment practices.