10. Orsela Cani, Founder & CEO at mywage

Name: Orsela Cani

Company: mywage

Website: https://mywage.com/



About Orsela Cani and mywage

mywage is a revolutionary all-in-one payroll solution serving the gig economy and flexible workforce. We are a fully scalable & customisable cloud-based solution built to serve staffing agencies, which integrates Payroll, Pay&Bill, and HR into one single data source. First launched in 2019, our platform is here to kickstart the new age of payroll into an electrifying new era. Unlike other platforms, we’ve put all things payroll and HR into one single source of truth to address how organisations want to work flexibly today, optimising the efficiency of handling the ever increasing volume of workers within the gig economy.

Currently, payroll solutions do not support the gig economy. Systems are unable to handle the volume and complexity of shift and gig work, given the lack of scalable and configurable solutions on the market. Not only this, but payroll and HR teams have demanded one single solution that functions accordingly to handle their back office functions for far too long. With the centralisation of all employee records and payroll data, productivity, motivation, and satisfaction within the workforce is optimised significantly.

With the ever-evolving intricacies of payroll, tax regulations and compliance, payroll technology like ours is crucial in the survival of these industries. Our aim from the beginning has been to empower workers with complete control, transparency and real time visibility into their payroll data, creating a more fulfilled and productive workforce for the future.

First and foremost, we dramatically reduce the amount of admin tasks that a Payroll and/or HR Team need to do, thus making them more efficient in their day to day roles and allowing them to focus of business generating initiatives.

We empower the workforce that our clients serve through Hyper Automation and Self Service. This empowerment is vital to the retention rates of the workers and our studies have proven that empowering workers increases their satisfaction and their loyalty to that agencies as they feel part of the company and not just another ‘worker’ on their books.

Finally, by offering Payroll and HR in one platform we are reducing the number of systems that a company needs to use and reducing the overall of their SaaS solutions as they can streamline their business into fewer platforms, thus reducing both cost and manual intervention in terms of passing data between systems.

As industry experts, we’ve been in the shoes of those who feel helpless in regards to their payroll challenges – frustrations with sifting through heaps of chaotic data, lack of motivation to carry about tedious manual payroll processing, the list goes on. Through leveraging hyperautomation, allowing for seamless integrations, and providing clear and concise AI-data insights into payroll data, we wanted to put an end to these counterintuitive feelings of defeat.

Our solution has been a great success. With a number of large current clients and a number of promising prospects, the success we have had so far indicates a future of growth for mywage. mywage is future-proof. We keep back office processes efficient and modern with the use of AI & automation. With our scalability capabilities, we can easily adjust to any increase of workers, changes in shift patterns, and legislative changes without compromising performance.