9. Natalie James, Founder at helloSKIN

Name: Natalie James

Company: helloSKIN

Website: https://thehelloskinco.com/



About Natalie James and helloSKIN

helloSKIN has been in development since 2021, and we launched in the UK in 2023. I created the brand as I wanted to ‘provide simple skincare essentials, for not so simple skin’.

As a woman of colour, I’ve always been aware that my skin can become dry quite quickly and it’s something that I’ve always suffered with so it was important to me to ensure all of our products focused on adding hydration to the skin, which is our USP.

To ensure our commitment to sustainability, I’ve made sure that our products are all, clean, made with natural ingredients, vegan-friendly, dermatologically tested, and suitable for sensitive skin.

All of our products focus on adding hydration and moisture with the formulations being suitable for all skin types. All of the products are waterless, while the entire range of products is formulated without sulfates or preservatives.

Since launching, we’ve sold out of our hero product – Hydrogel Eye Masks, multiple times thanks to Viral Instagram and TikTok posts.

We’ve seen great press coverage in the Mail Online, Grazia, and Independent, with Vogue France telling their readers that our Hydrogel Eye Masks will be ‘Your new obsession’.

We have been able to secure some great e-commerce stockists in the United Kingdom, where we continue to sell well with customers worldwide. Next, in January 2024, we will be doing an official launch in the United States where we aim to disrupt the beauty market as a Black-British-owned clean skincare brand.