8. Oz Alashe, Founder & CEO at CybSafe

Name: Oz Alashe

Company: CybSafe

Website: https://www.cybsafe.com/



About Oz Alashe and CybSafe

CybSafe is the Human Risk Management Platform for security teams dedicated to reducing human cyber risk. The next-generation behavioural analytics platform is built to integrate seamlessly with the modern tech stack.

CybSafe enables companies of every size to leverage a wealth of scientific knowledge and expertise to gain a 360 view of their people’s security behaviours. Security professionals around the world use CybSafe to measure risk, influence behaviours, and bolster their resilience.

The way we all use technology is changing, and our world is more interconnected and digitally interdependent than ever. Cyber security has never been more important.

Yet despite the mantra “people, process and technology,” the truth is most people pay lip service to the people part. Many organisations bombard their people with ineffective, tick-box security awareness training and messaging, funny videos and phishing simulations. They’re then surprised when there’s no change in security behaviours and data breaches continue to occur.

We’re here to shake up the traditional approach to security awareness. It simply doesn’t work. Computer-based training, e-learning, posters, phishing simulations and other tick-box learning may meet compliance, but they don’t influence behaviours. Millions of people are falling victim to cybercrime, and their organisations, families and friends are suffering as a result.

CybSafe is on a mission to change that.