7. Ethar Alali, Founder & CEO at Automedi/ReallyRecycle.com

Name: Ethar Alali

Company: Automedi/ReallyRecycle.com

Website: https://www.reallyrecycle.com/



About Ethar Alali and Automedi/ReallyRecycle.com

Automedi is the world’s first decentralised cradle-to-cradle plastics circular economy tackling commercial plastic waste. It deploys unique circular “microeconomy” clusters to take plastic trash and turn them into products using our mechanical recycling hubs coupled to our additive vending machines that make products on-demand from fully-recycled plastics as easily as ordering a chocolate bar.

We’ve built a versatile platform that isn’t just a circular recycling service. It’s a whole microeconomy in a box! Post-consumer and post-industrial plastics have value as raw materials and ReallyRecycle.com is the first of a kind service that delivers it all for consumers too.

ReallyRecycle.com is the service built on Automedi’s technology. We started life helping the UK NHS create face-visor frames and noticed how hard it was for doctors and nurses in the throws of emergency, to find time to learn to 3D print them for themselves. We built our first vending machine unit for supplies that could make a catalogue of items at the touch of a button. Bypassing supply chain disruption that ground industry to a halt.

But we knew virgin plastics were unsustainable. Having seen the level of plastic waste in the NHS, we set about capturing and recycling pharmaceutical plastics including facemasks and inhaler casings. Turning those post-patient products into filament used to then create pill splitters, forceps and tube racks. Even recycling those again and again.

To date, we have helped the UK NHS deliver carbon emission savings in primary care (4.72kg of emissions avoidance per 1kg of plastic captured); create new revenue streams for pharmacy businesses (72.6kg per 1kg of plastics); have won multiple awards; been nominated for the 2023 EarthShot Prize; Won the UK Manufacturing Technology of the Year awards 2021; won the 2022 global AcceliCITY SmartCity challenge; helping cities in the USA radically cut emissions and increase recycling rates, including 2 launches for 2024; and LNER deal with plastic waste in rail.