16. Jay Richards

Company: Imagen Insights

Website: https://imageninsights.com/

Business: Get quality feedback and insights from more than 12,000 Gen Z individuals from 111 countries


About Jay and Imagen Insights

Imagen Insights enables brands to crowdsource qualitative and quantitative feedback, ideas and insights from their community of 12,000+ Gen Z from 111 countries. This helps them to build their branding, marketing and/or products using insights gained via the Imagen Insights platform within 72 hours. With clientele spanning from Amazon Prime Video and SKY in the entertainment sector, to Gymshark, PepsiCo and the NFL, Imagen Insights’ community can provide brutally honest insights on a broad range of needs including but not limited to; brand perception, brand positioning, new product development, social media campaign testing, A/B creative testing, media consumption and campaign ideation.

Jay Richards and Cat Agostinho

Jay is the 5th of 6 children from migrant parents. From a rebellious start while at school to now the Founder of Imagen Insights, a Forbes 30under30 entrepreneur and Mediatel’s Future Leader finalist of 2020, he credits his Business Studies teacher at school for guiding his sense of entrepreneurship in the right direction at the right time. Jay now runs a company that provides Gen Z with paid work opportunities.

Jay started out working in the City of London in Sales but while working wanted to do something with more purpose, something to give back and to support current students and young people in ways he wished he had when he was studying. Initially Jay started an incubator programme where he helped students to fund business ideas. A few months later, he was contacted by the National Football League (NFL) who wanted to work with him to use his network with university and secondary school students to help them with marketing. Knowing he would need something great to deliver this scale of this project, Imagen Insights was born with Co-Founder Cat Agostinho (pictured).

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