15. Luis Carranza

Company: Fayre

Website: https://fayre.com

Business: A global NFT club for creators, brands and fans.


About Luis and Fayre

Luis is an entrepreneur with a passion for innovation and transformation.

He is a seasoned strategic thinker that blends technology, creativity and audience insight in order to drive business growth and brand engagement. Luis has worked in FMCG, Pharmaceutical, Finance, Automotive, Alcohol, Tech, and Entertainment.

He founded and runs The Silicon Roundabout Meetup, which has grown to over 14,700 start-ups, developers, VC’s, entrepreneurs and people interested in London’s Tech City. He also founded London Fintech Week and Blockchain Week, followed by conferences across major cities. (Sold Fintech Worldwide in 2019)

His latest venture is Fayre, a global NFT club for creators, brands and fans. He has successfully raised $2 million in a pre-seed funding round ahead of the upcoming launch of its platform, which is poised to disrupt the sector with unique membership options, one of which includes 0% transaction fees.




Fayre is not only a multichain NFT marketplace but also a platform where brands can communicate and engage with their NFT holders and can create and manage NFT memberships.

Luis commented that “The NFT sector has dozens of marketplaces that are simply iterations of each other and offer nothing new. The market doesn’t just need another marketplace, but rather one that does more.”

“The Fayre platform will make it easier for brands to leverage NFTs as an engagement vehicle to effectively communicate with their loyal customers as well as broaden their reach.  It will also make it easier for fans to own NFTs. Brands can communicate with consumers, offer exclusive experiences in real life and the metaverse… Fayre is the seamless pathway to the next 10 million NFT owners and this starts with brands and their existing fans.”

Luis has worked intensively on the launch of Fayre with his team of highly-skilled technologists, as well as with Outlier Ventures, Polygon and FileCoin Basecamp. The Fayre Founder has a unique vision for marketing due to having held high-level positions in strategic planning and innovation. He understands the global multi-billion-dollar NFT market and how certain regions are currently underserved.


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