18. Rich Serunjogi

Company: Business Score

Website: https://www.scorethebusiness.com/

Business: A funding marketplace for eCommerce companies.


About Rich and Business Score

Rich founded Business Score after running his own eCommerce business and working at McKinsey advising Global Company CEOs. Rich is a trained community organiser who worked on the Living Wage campaign.

Business Score is a funding platform designed to help high growth ecommerce businesses through automated lending.

Business Score is a Y-Combinator backed startup which matches eCommerce businesses with 1000s of funding options. Previously a management consultant at McKinsey where he served third, public and private sector clients.


Business Score


Rich’s goal is to totally automate the supply of money to ecommerce businesses where traditional funding just cannot deliver using old systems and measurements.

Business Score makes funding for your eCommerce business fair, fast and simple because getting funding for your eCommerce business can be hard work. Rich and his team are on a mission to change that by showing you which funding options businesses are eligible for in just a few clicks and making applying simple.

Businesses provide their information once to Business Score, and Business Score do the rest. So companies can focus on growing their business rather than looking for funding. Business Score allows businesses to connect their eCommerce sales, open banking, accounting and Companies House data to get lending offers that match the true picture of the business.

It also gives business the chance to grow with products and services from trusted partners like Seedrs, Osome, eCommerce accountants, Grantify and more.

He spent his early years in activism from representing his local town Croydon as youth MP. He studied at the London School of Economics where he was also elected the universities Court of Governors. Rich has gone through an amazing journey, from concept, through the Y Combinator process and now back in the UK to landing his first clients, building a platform to support fast growth ecommerce business.


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