3. Malavi Sivakanesan, Head of Homeshare at Novus Homeshare

Name: Malavi Sivakanesan

Company: Novus Homeshare

Website: https://www.novus-homeshare.org.uk/



About Malavi Sivakanesan and Novus Homeshare

Novus is the only charity operating Homeshare in London since 2014. We are currently working with other partner organisations to create a quality mark for the service and we strive to provide the best service possible.
We currently cover all of London (and surrounding areas) and provide a service tailored to our clients’ needs as we believe every match is unique.
Our Story
We are a registered charity formed by 17 Carers’ Centres in London, all affiliated to the Carers Trust. We aim to help people that need extra support at home and financially, in order to improve their quality of life.
Our Mission
To provide a high-quality, personalised Homeshare service in London to tackle loneliness and help people from different walks of life to live independently.
What Makes Us Unique?
Our staff have the experience, passion and sensitivity to provide a quality service and match people successfully. We are an experienced provider of the Homeshare service, we monitor every match and every case for us is unique, all our home sharers go through a vetting system that includes:

  • DBS (criminal record) and background checks.
  • Three reference checks.
  • We carefully interview Homesharers before we introduce them to Householders.
  • Regular monitoring of every match with a dedicated match coordinator.
  • We’re a charity!