4. Rashida Abdulai, CEO at Strand Sahara

Name: Rashida Abdulai

Company: Strand Sahara

Website: https://strandsahara.com/



About Rashida Abdulai and Strand Sahara

At Strand Sahara our mission is to empower entrepreneurs with the world-class legal support and guidance they need to build successful businesses that will give them the lifestyle they crave whilst also improving the lives and life chances of Africa’s people all over the world. We call this the African Dream.

We are witnessing a rise in entrepreneurship around the globe and a growing desire among members of the African Diaspora in the UK and around the world to start businesses that serve African markets.

They have a natural affinity for Africa and, as one of the world’s fastest-growing regions, the scale of opportunity across the continent is great both for the entrepreneurs and the communities who will benefit from their products and services, the secure job opportunities they create and the investments they make.