5. Vanessa Agyemang, Founder at Copper Dust

Name: Vanessa Agyemang

Company: Copper Dust

Website: https://www.copperdustlondon.com/



About Vanessa Agyemang and Copper Dust

Copper Dust is an Interior Design Studio founded by Vanessa Agyemang specialising in interior styling, luxury African inspired home décor and renovation. With exceptional attention to detail and a flair for creativity, Copper Dust’s primary focus is creating modern contemporary homes with bespoke individual touches tailored to each client.

Vanessa’s extensive knowledge and experience of mixing textiles, textures and cultural flair is steeped in her rich dual heritage. Every Copper Dust Studio design is distinct and precisely calculated from conception to completion. Copper Dust can bring its excellent relationships with local suppliers to your doorstep with industry rates to deliver a premium product.

Copper Dust was created by Founder and Designer Vanessa Agyemang out of the need for something unique.

While shopping with a friend she recognised a gap in the market for luxury African inspired home décor that was handmade and bespoke. Backed with her Bachelor’s Honours degree in Interior Architecture and Design and an eye for capturing the finer details, it was only right for Vanessa to take this challenge upon herself, to create statement interior design styles and limited edition products to inspire conscious led homes.

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