30. Daisy Onubogu

Company: Diversity VC

Website: https://www.diversity.vc/

Business: Non-profit partnership promoting diversity in Venture Capital.


About Daisy and Diversity VC

Daisy joined Diversity VC as COO simply for the opportunity to create meaningful change. Diversity VC is a non-profit organisation working to build a fairer, equitable, more inclusive Venture Capital industry for all by driving every venture fund in the world to change.

They aim to activate and empower key decision-makers at VCs to become DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) advocates, enable funds with the understanding, tools and resources to promote DEI in their firms and the companies they fund, and sustain change by monitoring, supporting and celebrating progress across the ecosystem.




Speaking about her desire to become involved with Diversity VC, Daisy said:

“When you grow up as I have you cannot escape a sense of responsibility. To be aware that the system around you was built to your disadvantage, and to understand that you’ve escaped a worse fate thanks to the hard work of activists and leaders who came before, instills a strong need to continue that work.”

Diversity VC has four main initiatives: networking, pathways, ecosystems, and The Data Project. They aim to build a diverse network of Venture Capital professionals and help Venture Capital firms hire from diverse backgrounds. As well as this, they’re also connecting the VC community to a broader network.

Venture Capital as a key facilitator of entrepreneurial activity enjoys an outsized impact on the way we live, work, and do just about everything else in society. Driving change here has the potential to send ripples of impact far and wide.

They boast a team of 30 people across 4 chapters, UK, Iberia, US, and LATAM. Soon, they’ll have a Dutch chapter too. Daisy commented that they have “been lucky enough to exist at a time when there is so much appetite to get stuck into justice and activism work.”


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