32. Kisha Bradley , Founder at Bright Box Makerspace

Name: Kisha Bradley

Company: Bright Box Makerspace

Website: https://brightbox.org.uk/





About Kisha Bradley and Bright Box Makerspace


We didn’t invent makerspaces. They’ve been happening all around us forever and a day. But when we work with a community to create a makerspace, we do things a little differently. We start with the people


Anyone can learn how to use tools and equipment, but entering unfamiliar spaces and trying new activities can be daunting. At Bright Box Makerspace we come to you, wherever that may be. Libraries, community halls and even a local allotment.


We get to know you and your community in a place where you feel at home so we can start to understand what challenges you face.


We’re interested in long-term impact.


We understand the impact of not having access to the right resources can have on the aspirations and career opportunities in a community. Creating makerspaces removes some of the barriers that exist, but a one-time-thing just isn’t enough.


We help the communities we work with to be agile and adapt to incorporate new opportunities and technologies as they become available. This means that your makerspace can be truly accessible and exciting for everyone, helping young people learn the skills they need to be employable in the ever-changing world of work and adults to pick up new hobbies or even retrain.