33. Judith Germain, Principle Consultant at The Maverick Paradox

Name: Judith Germain

Company: The Maverick Paradox

Website: https://www.maverickparadox.co.uk





About Judith Germain and The Maverick Paradox


Judith Germain is an entrepreneurial powerhouse, creating clear thinking and decisive leaders through hyper-personalised and deeply engaging mentoring, consulting, training and content.

By founding expert leadership consultancy The Maverick Paradox, Judith has catalysed transformation across the globe, enabling business owners, leaders and organisations to thrive in complex, constantly shifting environments. Services include The Maverick Entrepreneur Accelerator™ which consolidates, nurtures and grows strategy to execution for entrepreneurs. In addition, for organisations, The Maverick Leadership Framework™ enhances leadership impact by developing lateral thinking, encouraging ‘change eager’ leadership and enabling maverick leaders.

Within these programmes, and any engagement, Judith deep dives into the specific requirements of each client and expertly tailors her delivery and content to ensure those participating experience real light bulb moments and dynamic change. For example, tailored frameworks and concepts, such as Judith’s own models, Leadership Identity™ and DRIVEN™, are hand-picked for each session to help delegates deeply understand their unique capabilities and increase engagement. Reflecting the commitment and achievements of The Maverick Paradox, the consultancy was named Management Training Specialists of the Year at the CorporateLiveWire Innovation & Excellence Awards 2023.

Judith is staunchly committed to enabling inclusion and belonging in organisations, and empowering individuals to share their expertise on a global scale. As part of her facilitation work, Judith has delivered Race Awareness Training, Allyship workshops and trained leaders on how to support neurodiverse employees in the workplace, as well as helping individual leaders uncover their Leadership Identity™, boost their confidence and enhance their impact and influence.

To further catalyse transformation and establish a dedicated platform to amplify diverse voices, Judith established Maverick Paradox Media (magazine and podcast). The podcast and magazine are global platforms where guests and writers can share lived experiences, the latest leadership thinking and inspire worldwide innovation through insightful content, catering to different learning styles and neurodiversity. Since its inception, the podcast has recorded more than 350 episodes, and the most popular episode on “Lessons from a Serial Entrepreneur” has more than 21,000 listens. It has also been ranked #11 best leadership podcast to follow in 2023. Similarly, the Maverick Paradox Magazine, within 3 years of its inception, the magazine has published over a thousand articles, with more than 150 guest writers, including neurodiverse columnists, and has also been ranked #53 best leadership blog online.

In this year alone, Judith has received multiple pieces of esteemed industry recognition. She was named a finalist in the “Engaging Excellence” category at the National Facilitator Awards 2023, a finalist in the “Leadership Excellence – Individual” category at the Leadership Awards 2023, a finalist in the She Inspired Awards, category Women in Digital, and a finalist at the Media Businesswoman category at the Great British Businesswoman Awards. She was judged the winner of the Most Engaging Leadership Coaching Consultancy at the Corporate Coaching and Recruitment Awards 2023.