34. Carlos “Sama” Samame – BoxyHQ

Company: BoxyHQ

Website: http://www.boxyhq.com

Business: BoxyHQ is a company that provides open source security-as-code.


About Sama and BoxyHQ

Sama has worked with companies like IBM Peru,  Groupon, and Wayra UK before founding BoxyHQ with Deepak Prabhakara.

They first developed the idea for their company to solve a unique problem experienced by startups: the lack of resources to be compliant with the security guidelines set out by enterprises. These involve non-core feature development resulting in developer time and high costs that could be better spent on their core product and offerings.

Boxy is a commercial open source software that enables enterprise features in any SaaS app with just a few lines of code. The startup was founded in August 2021 and it has already raised $2.5 million in a seed funding round. Their purpose is to democratise innovation and give startups the capabilities and tools to sell to any enterprise in the world.




Boxy helps developers automate product security and provides low-code APIs to enable enterprise-compliant security via simple and efficient integrations. This includes SAML SSO, audit logs, directory sync and privacy vault.

Through its commercial open source shift left approach, it intends to become the leading Developer Security platform. It aims to be an extension of the security team.

Boxy describe themselves as “code in a box” that allows any startup to be enterprise-ready and compliant. The product is open source because its founders believe that “software is eating the world, but open source is eating software”.

Most of Sama’s time is spent helping start-ups scale, but he also serves as a judge in some Startup Chile competitions, UK China Entrepreneur Association Awards, and many others. He has been invited as panellist, judge and speaker at different start-up events across UK, South Korea, France, and Spain.



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