33. Yele Oyekola – Duplo

Company: Duplo

Website: https://www.tryduplo.com/

Business: Duplo is a B2B payment platform that simplifies how businesses collect and make payments to other businesses.


About Yele Oyekola and Duplo


Co-founded by Yele Oyekola and Tunde Akinnuwa in 2021,  Duplo operates as a one-stop-shop allowing companies to perform all their payment operations on the platform and also offering financial services too. Since launching in 2022 Duplo has raised $5.6 million in its pre-seed and seed round.

Yele has an impressive background in entrepreneurship that started with a shoe business he began at the age of 14 in Nigeria. He moved to the United Kingdom for university where he graduated with a degree in Economics and Finance from the University of Reading. Since then he has worked as a Product Lead at Carbon and as an Economic Policy Officer at the UN before going on to found Duplo.


Duplo Logo


The end-to-end digitised solutions at Duplo save time through the automation of back-office processes such as creating and processing invoices. Duplo also works alongside accounting and ERP (enterprise resource planning) platforms like QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics and Sage ensuring that any payments made through Duplo are automatically synced with these other platforms instantaneously.

Since its founding, Duplo has grown rapidly with the number of businesses on the platform increasing by 1000%.



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