37. André Skepple, Founder & CEO at FullSpektrum®

Name: André Skepple

Company: FullSpektrum®

Website: https://fullspektrum.co.uk




About André Skepple and FullSpektrum®


1-in-5 children in full-time education have Special Educational Needs (SEN), but only 30% of them are receiving the right support to improve their individual curriculum outcomes. The one-size-fits-all way of education, health and social care does not work, and is failing entire generations of young people.


Now imagine holistic learning environments that not only teaches kids, but continuously understands and adapts to their unique learning style, interests and unfolding neurodevelopmental profile. This is now possible through the emergence of cloud-based AI and multi-chain blockchain technologies.


At FullSpektrum®, we are developing a ground-breaking, multi-agency support intelligence platform called ‘FS:One’, hosting specialised decentralised apps (dApps), along with secure data services that are dedicated in supporting users with management tools, content and resources to provide an end-to-end neuroinclusion support service. Our mission is to transform education, health and social care services through multi-AI hierarchical data-driven processes of ‘adaptive hyper-personalisation’.


By leveraging the power and precision of a sophisticated hierarchy of AI agents embedded within our multi-blockchain and interoperable cloud technologies, we are able to provide the World’s 1st ‘Digital Neuroinclusion Service’, supporting kids, young people and adults with many types of learning needs and neurodevelopmental conditions affecting more than 20% of the global population.


Our platform is now ready to learn and evolve from unlimited canonical datasets acquired from many accessible pedagogical, psychological and clinical research sources, in addition to assessments and individual reports acquired from users that are receiving additional SEN support within the public and private education sectors.


Once the public beta of our personal AI support assistant, called ‘Neurou’ launches next summer, our digital neuroinclusion service shall learn how everyone learns, whilst preparing to host an expansive portfolio of tailored solutions for neurodivergent people, created by lead professionals from all walks of life through our strategic partnerships and global Open-Source developer community.


We shall also be able to plug-and-play FS:


One with schools, colleges, universities, local and national government authorities, ensuring our digital neuroinclusion service remains affordable, interoperable, manageable and scalable for entire expanding populations of neurodivergent people who face daily hurdles regarding their learning & development, whilst starting to discover their ‘super-powers’.


FS: One provides personalised learning pathways, early intervention for special educational needs, and fosters collaboration among all educators, parents, case workers, civil servants and clinicians. We’re not just revolutionising education; we’re also making it inclusive, effective and empowering for every unique mind


FullSpektrum® and the FS:One platform empowers all to achieve, by intersecting science, technology, social impact and empathy to improve the lives of those who are normally left behind.