38. Carol Lathbridge and Lola Cawood, Co-Founders at Tiwani Heritage

Name: Carol Lathbridge and Lola Cawood

Company: Tiwani Heritage

Website: https://tiwaniheritage.com




About Carol Lathbridge and Lola Cawood and Tiwani Heritage


Tiwani Heritage brings you ethically-sourced, sustainable, premium quality synthetic hair extensions which emulate a range of natural hair textures and styles. With each style paying homage to a beautiful bygone African queen, we make it easy to celebrate the rich, diverse beauty of women of colour and showcase our history- as nature intended. Our name embodies exactly what we stand for; drawing cultural identity from our ancestors. ‘Tiwani’ is based on the Yoruba phrase for ‘our heritage’. It is a spiritual claim stating what belongs to us.


Whether you’re experimenting, ‘big-chopping’, transitioning or somewhere in between, we are ready and willing to be your ever-present, passionate companions on your exciting journey of self-rediscovery.


Tiwani Heritage was born when two childhood friends recognised a gap in the UK hair extensions market for a black-owned, forward-thinking, customer-centric service that caters specifically to women of colour and focuses entirely on natural hair textures. We have pooled our own experiences to offer a service that is rooted in a deep understanding of the challenges we face, and the desire to create versatile, beautiful styles without paying over the odds or dealing with excessively long shipping or order turnaround times. Read all about our journeys here and here.


As well as a passion for our heritage, we also recognise the importance of being environmentally responsible, and are dedicated to raising awareness of the small part we can all play by encouraging our customers to recycle their used hair extensions. We firmly believe that our beauty doesn’t have to be at the expense of our planet.