39. Theo-Lee Houston, Founder at Slinger

Name: Theo-Lee Houston

Company: Slinger

Website: https://www.slingerstaff.com



About Theo-Lee Houston and Slinger


Old systems for finding work or workers in hospitality are over.


Slinger is a job platform offering fun, fair and flexible hospitality shifts to side-hustlers, students and hospitality professionals around the UK. It is the first in its category to offer the fairest pay and easiest way to get hospitality work in Britain.


For Slinger businesses, the platform is revolutionising the hiring process by getting rid of old practices that no longer work (bye-bye CV and job boards) . Slinger vets potential workers by video, gets rid of advertised shifts on an average of 60 seconds, and gives budding and booming businesses a cost-effective way to attract full-time staff if they later need it. The Slinger platform ensures businesses get quality workers, quickly.


Coming from the Hospitality industry ourselves, we know the challenges that really affect the community. We believe that as the work economy gets more flexible, temporary and less rigid—we need to establish a system that makes freelancers and businesses offering temp roles feel just as supported, safe and nurtured within that.


Whether we are filling temporary or full-time work, no one is there to just ‘fill a gap’; and whether you are a food-truck business (as our founder once was) or a restaurant chain, you are more than just another user on our platform: Slinger provides short-term work and long term connections.