40. Eric Collins, Co-founder and CEO at Impact X Capital

Name: Eric Collins

Company: Impact X Capital

Website: https://www.impactxcapital.com





About Eric Collins and Impact X Capital


Impact X is a double bottom line venture capital company, founded to support underrepresented entrepreneurs across Europe. Having identified an underserved and undersaturated niche of founders with compelling business models, Impact X sources uniquely differentiated deal flow to generate returns for investors.


Impact X provides its entrepreneurs with access to industry experts and strategic resources, to ensure that portfolio companies receive critical input to realise their visions and generate long-term investor value via its Investment Team and Founding Members.


Who we invest in


Impact X invests in companies with the following characteristics:


  • Large market opportunity with demonstrable customer traction
  • Differentiated and defensible competitive position
  • Strong management who has invested time and money
  • An established board and/or credible team of advisors
  • Exceptional job creation potential
  • The ability to positively impact lives on a global basis
  • Compelling exit opportunities


Impact X operates in the following industries:


  • Digital and technology
  • Health and lifestyle
  • Media and entertainment