41. Simeon Quarrie, Founder & CEO at VIVIDA

Name: Simeon Quarrie

Company: VIVIDA

Website: https://vivida.io




About Simeon Quarrie and VIVIDA


VIVIDA is revolutionising the way people learn.


We use storytelling to create easy to engage with learning content that doesn’t need to work to gain peoples attention. Our solutions can also help address security fatigue, by presenting information in new ways and telling it well, enabling employees to re-engage with your learning content.


When people learn together they learn it best, our collaborative training modules can help your colleagues connect. Enhancing their ability to work and learn together. Through collaborative puzzle-solving and co-operative investigations, they will grow into more capable and secure versions of themselves.


Our highly customisable platform allows for a tailored experience that they’re sure to remember long after training is over.