40. Rahel Tesfai – FroHub

Company: FroHub

Website: https://frohub.com/

Business: FroHub is an Afro hair & beauty community and SaaS-enabled marketplace booking platform.


About Rahel Tesfai and FroHub


A front-end developer later-turned-marketer, Rahel Tesfai founded FroHub in June 2018. Frohub provides an online booking marketplace for black hair and beauty, and aims to reshape the £30bn+ industry which is fragmented, under-served and driven purely by word-of-mouth connects.

In a market that is currently highly inefficient, FroHub eliminates time waste for black women by providing a platform to easily search, discover and book appointments. FroHub’s platform also provides the community a way to exchange tips and advice on Afro hair health through blogs, forums and tutorials.




In 2020, Rahel was Listed


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