41. Ngoni Chikwenengere – We Are KIN

Company: We Are Kin

Website: https://www.wearekin.co/

Business: We are KIN is a London-based fashion label that prioritises sustainability and size inclusivity, using end-of-the-line and sustainable fabrics.


About Ngoni and We Are KIN

Ngoni Chikwenengere founded her slow fashion label with sustainability in mind. Her East London based label focuses on simple, timeless pieces that do not conform to fast fashion trends.

Ngoni was an immediate breakout star after university, rocketing from Graduate Fashion Week to London Fashion Week in less than a year. On the side, she is a successful lifestyle blogger, and her brand is a popular among other digital influencers too.

We Are KIN’s items are all available in sizes 6-26 as standard, and if customers fall outside these sizes, the brand will even custom-make them their pieces. This inclusivity is extremely rare in the fashion industry, with most brands completely unwilling to cater to women of larger sizes. We Are KIN stands out in the fashion industry both for its inclusivity and its sustainability.


we are kin


Using end-of-line fabrics and sustainable materials, as well as working closely with its factories, We Are KIN manages to make sustainability a priority. The idea is to be “seasonless”. This approach is in retaliation to the current fashion landscape of having over fifty seasons per year and catering to ‘micro-trends’ that often end up in landfill.

This brand targets a demographic who prioritise sustainability: young women, aged between 19-28, who are in creative fields. We Are KIN’s values have been a massive success with their target audience, and they receive huge amounts of praise online for their sustainability and inclusivity.

We Are KIN was part of the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Cohort in 2021 and is currently working toward B-Corp certification.



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