42. Neil D’Souza – Makersite

Company: Makersite

Website: https://makersite.io

Business: Makersite provides AI, data and apps for sustainable product and supply chain decisions at scale.


About Neil and Makersite

Prior to becoming the founder and CEO of Makersite, Neil D’Souza was the CTO at Thinkstep, where he built their corporate solution suite. He founded Makersite in 2018 with the goal of helping manufacturing companies to have a positive impact on the environment by creating more sustainable products through data-driven analysis.

Makersite is an award-winning software-as-a-service provider that uses artificial intelligence and graph technology to build digital twins of manufactured products. This allows companies to solve complex challenges around their products and supply chains.

Makersite’s use of AI enables teams to measure impacts and collaboratively identify optimal mitigation strategies and new sourcing opportunities in real-time. This approach also allows them to create safer and greener products, faster.

Using Makersite, engineers and product teams are able to develop their products faster and more efficiently, increasing results 50x faster than traditional methods.




Makersite boasts an impressive customer portfolio including Microsoft, Lush, Cummins, and Vestas. For these large companies, Makersite is able to reduce the complexity and increase the agility of their supply chain. Smaller companies who use Makersite, however, benefit most from the cost-effective solutions that the software provides.They are the leader in MCDA (multiple-criteria decision analysis) for product design and procurement.

Sustainability is a core value of the company. Companies can use Makersite to track a product’s emission footprint throughout the entire supply chain, including Scope 3 emissions. This innovative carbon accounting helps businesses to reduce their carbon footprints.

In 2021 alone, over 8 million LCAs (life cycle assessments) were processed through Makersite’s cloud platform. This helps companies to measure the environmental impacts associated with all the stages of creation of their products.

Neil has worked on over 200 customer projects over 16 years, and is recognised as a leading expert in his industry. His passion for using data to solve tough societal challenges has been stated as one of the key reasons to Makersite’s success.


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