43. Catie Romero-Finger – BABS Labs

Company: BABS Labs

Website: https://babslabs.io/

Business: BABS Labs is a web3 marketing agencies with a focus on diversity.


About Catie and BABS Labs

BABS officially launched in March of 2022, but the ideation process was in play from November of 2021, when Catie and her co-founder decided that they wanted to run a women-led NFT project.

After laying the ground work, they realised that there was a need for more than just an NFT project, but rather a full on agency that could truly help the web3 landscape with solid creative communications and marketing. This is how BABs Labs agency was born.

BABS Labs is a web3 marketing agency offering customised solutions for companies to develop their brand identities and gain support in tech development. Their goal is to bring diverse, unheard voices into Web3 to shape an inclusive revolution and return economic power to the people.


babs labs


One of BABS Labs’ core values is authenticity. Their approach towards your team, brand and product development is focused on highlighting all of a brand’s diverse and authentic elements, and then communicating that to their audience.

As newcomers to the market, and as a woman, Catie has spoken about the obstacles that she has had to overcome in the web3 market. She felt she needed to prove herself more in terms of her competence and knowledge. As the leader of BABS, she needed to prove that she could show the market that her company could scale, and gain the trust of brands.

BABS Labs’ plan is to hit $2.5m in revenue by end of year 2. Catie is also growing the agency in partnerships and looking to connect with other minority leaders, especially in the VC world as she hopes to build her own VC by Q2 of 2023.


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