44. Darren Tenkorang- TRIM-IT

Company: TRIM-IT

Website: https://trimit.app/

Business: TRIM-IT is an app-powered mobile barbershop allowing customers to book barbers to their home, office, or even gym.


About Darren Tenkorang and TRIM-IT

Darren founded TRIM-IT alongside his team whilst he was completing his studies at the University of Sussex. After successfully winning £10k after entering a business competition they were able to launch the company.

The initial plan was to create a booking app that would allow customers to book barber appointments online. However, despite onboarding 300 barbers, Darren found there were inconsistencies with the barber service being offered and he needed more time to fine-tune the platform.

TRIM-IT was born out of a desire to create something unique and as the first of its kind in the UK, this mobile barber business has been incredibly successful. Through TRIM-IT customers are able to book a barber that will come to their homes, offices or even the gym.

The mobile barbers operate out of the back of a renovated van with barbers making more than average as customers are paying a premium for the convenience. As the vision for the company was being built, developments were being made to the booking platform so that the experience was more efficient for barbers needing to manage their appointments.




The success of the company led to them moving towards a franchise model meaning barbers invest and have the tools needed to run their own business. TRIM-IT has currently raised $1.1million to help them with scaling their franchise model – barbers will be charged £335 a month with 0-9% commission on sales. For this cost barbers will receive a mobile barber shop with a 5-year replacement guarantee.

Ambitions for the future continue to be high with Darren wanting to scale the business across Europe and the US with a further 2,500 vans. Having a full-service scalable platform has allowed TRIM-IT to control the quality of the service they offer, ensuring they offer customers the best experience.

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