44. Kes Daood

Company: quester

Website: https://quester.io/

Business: A place where you can create and share playlists of resources around topics of interest.


About Kes and Quester

Quester is building the ultimate place to share and discuss resources. Quester’s co-founders got to know each other at Oxford by bonding over their love of books, films and podcasts and the fact they had both applied from state schools.

Self-learning using these resources was key to the success of their applications. However, they always felt their best discussions were held back. Recommendations were forgotten, it was tricky to know what friends were interested in and keeping track of your own online learning was a nightmare.

So, they decided to found quester; a place where you can create and share playlists of resources with ease. You can create resource centred discussions around topics of interest and share with like-minded individuals who share your passions.




Kes and his team launched an early version of our site at the beginning of October. So far, they have had more than 60 thousand site views, 1.5 million views on Tiktok & 10 prominent schools partner with us

Helping their students truly develop their passions utilising resource recommendations from experienced mentors. Currently, they are closing their pre-seed round of £200k. Quester plans to utilise these funds to reach out to more schools, release gamification features on the platform and pay for the production of a number more resource playlists.


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