43. Angela Ijeoma Ené

Company: Modafirma

Website: https://modafirma.com

Business: A fashion technology and affiliate marketing platform


About Angela and Modafirma

Angela is a technology entrepreneur and is the founder of Modafirma, a fashion technology and affiliate marketing platform that allows carefully selected brands to locate, advertise and sell directly to consumers globally.

Modafirma is an award winning , AdTechnology search engine, e-commerce and brand aggregator marketplace within the remit of fashion, wellness and lifestyle.

Modafirma leverages various API’s to connect shoppers directly to their favourite brands and retailers globally. Enabling millions of shoppers to search, discover, browse and buy brands such as Gucci, Chanel, Fendi, All Saints, Reiss, Chloe, Burberry, Reiss, Ted Baker at their most competive prices.




Modafirma uses its technology and harnessed data analytics to assess the brand items that consumers search for want and purchase. In doing so, it thereby drives and furnishes millions of unique visitors of traffic to our brand retail partners worldwide. Enabling consumers to purchase their favourite items directly from them.

Whilst, actively providing them with trend and data analytics garnered from daily search activity on the platform. To date they have partnered with over 300+ affiliated and independent brands, with an new brand partnerships being secured daily.

Angela’s long term aim is to become: The online search destination for all things fashion, wellness and lifestyle. The company was nominated twice for a prestigious drapers award, and was also shortlisted for fashion website of the year in 2015 and 2018.

In 2018 Angela was shortlisted as UK technology founder of the year at the Prestigious BMW i Technology awards in two categories: MAD Tech and E-commerce she subsequently went on to be selected as UK first runner up UK Technology founder of the year for Advertising and Marketing.

She also serves as group CFO at Star Real Estate Group a boutique investment management firm specialising in real estate.


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