47. Zain Ali and Asma Bashir, Co-Founders at Centuro Global

Name: Zain Ali and Asma Bashir

Company: Centuro Global

Website: https://www.centuroglobal.com



About Zain Ali and Asma Bashir and Centuro Global


Centuro Global is a one stop shop provider of global expansion compliance solutions.


Founded in 2020, we combine an AI-powered SaaS platform, with world class services to support companies with all new market entry needs – focused on entity setup, tax, legal, and immigration.


We live in a globalised world and companies today are all looking to access customers from every corner of the globe. However, according to McKinsey, a staggering 80% of businesses fail when it comes to new market entry.


Key challenges include, (a) understanding local laws and regulatory requirements; (b) sourcing and managing multiple vendors to cover a multitude of different areas of expertise; (c) tracking and maintaining global operations and ensuring ongoing compliance.


Our platform, Centuro Connect, combines a suite of tools and services to solve all of these 3 key problems and reduce that 80% failure rate, helping more companies successfully expand internationally.


We provide a suite of tools that offer instant access to knowledge on localised regulations on tax, immigration, and legal issues in more than 170 countries. Our data has both breadth and depth and is regularly updated to ensure it can act as a single source of truth on the internet.


For example, our Visa Assessment tool allows you to understand the exact visa required based on an applicant’s specific circumstances in less than 30 seconds. This is a game changer compared to traditional methods of researching on government websites and lacking clarity, sourcing an immigration lawyer, booking in a meeting, then eventually speaking to the lawyer and being quoted a fee for advice, resulting in several days or weeks to get an expensive answer.


Our tools are backed by a suite of services with support available across the globe. Services are managed on the platform via detailed case management and tracking with a single dashboard to access and view all services. We make it as easy to track your entity setups or visa applications, as it is to track your takeaway delivery in one app.


Ultimately, companies can search for information and build international strategies with one click of a button, request expert support for any area of the world, and track service delivery and progress via one dashboard.


Powered by innovative technology, we are acting as a challenger firm to the Big 4 and other traditional large law firms and professional services (PS) providers. In the same way that Revolut and Monzo disrupted traditional banks, we are looking to disrupt traditional PS firms.


Centuro Global is unique because whilst the majority of existing players offer isolated services, we are the only end-to-end solution that combines AI tools and a comprehensive suite of services powered by technology. We have now supported clients with company formation in over 100 countries via our platform, and in 2023 alone, we processed thousands of visas for our clients.


In March 2023, we raised £3.3M in funding, having previously bootstrapped the business and in the past 18 months, our team has tripled in size.