46. Simi Lindgren, Founder & CEO at Yuty

Name: Simi Lindgren

Company: Yuty

Website: https://www.yuty.me




About Simi Lindgren and Yuty


Yuty® helps you stand out from the crowd by recognising your customers as individuals by offering a personalized experience based on their needs and preferences.


Did you know that 75% of shoppers would pay more for beauty products if they received a personalized experience! With Yuty®, you can now connect with your customers in a unique way with data backed personalized recommendations.


  • 34% average sales conversion rate with Yuty®
  • $260.70 average customer LTV with Yuty®
  • $103.87 average order value with Yuty® The most inclusive AI personalization technology with proven performance and pain-free integration


58% of consumers said that diversity and inclusion are crucial when choosing beauty products, and it is evident that consumers are demanding more products that reflect them. Don’t worry! We’ve achieved multiple patents for our AI personalization technology which delivers inclusive and individual recommendations across all beauty categories enabling you to build connections with your customers to drive growth and loyalty. We want you to win in this increasingly competitive landscape, so we’ve made integration easy and customizable with Yuty®. We handle the technical integration, so you don’t have to!