48 – Bharati Manchanda – Embellished Truth

Company: Embellished Truth

Website: https://embellishedtruth.com/

Business: Embellished Truth is a sustainable accessory brand, designing eco-friendly leather bags for the luxury market. Embellished Truth is on a mission is to design desirable and functional accessories that celebrate traditional craftsmanship whilst having eco-sensibilities.


About Bharati Manchanda and Embellished Truth


Embellished Truth was launched by Bharati in 2008 after having studied fashion design at University and having gained experience as a fashion designer for smaller brands.

Embellished Truth

Embellished Truth was to create beautiful and desirable accessories using traditional craftsmanship, without the heavy price to customers. They were one of the first UK brands to use chrome-free leather in their collections, with each bag made at a family-run factory in East London.

The bags are produced on a made-to-order to comply with their zero-waste policy. Excess leather off-cuts are further used to make accessories such as wrist cuffs, zip pulls and jewellery.

Embellished Truth was shortlisted as a finalist for the Ethical Fashion Forum’s Innovation Award in 2012. In 2013, the brand was awarded the Blue Butterfly positive mark by Positive Luxury.



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