Announced! BAME50 Winners 2023…

TechRound is excited to announce the winners of our BAME50 for 2023!



TechRound is proud to announce the winners of our annual BAME50, celebrating the U.K. and Europe’s most underrepresented group of entrepreneurs and business owners. 

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Our BAME Top 50 List is one of the highlights of the year and last year’s list was featured across local, regional and national press, including Forbes, Wikipedia, Business Insider, Exeter University, University Arts London, Lincoln News, Harrow Times and Preston News amongst others.


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Feedback From The Judges


“It was a privilege to read about so many high-quality entrants doing amazing work building companies to elevate others. Andy Ayim of Angel Investing School and Yvonne Bajela of Impact X Capital stood out as they are supporting investors with a focus on the underrepresented. Likewise Cecilia Harvey of Tech Women for her focus on elevating women in tech. I know firsthand how difficult it is to raise money as a woman of colour in tech, so the support these entrants are providing to help female technologists and diverse entrepreneurs to succeed, and new investors change the landscape, were real highlights.”

– Joanne Safo, Founder at Lukango


“Embracing diversity is not just a choice; it’s our collective strength. In the BAME 100 judging process, I’m inspired by entries that amplify voices often unheard, celebrating cultures, perspectives, and stories that enrich our collective narrative. Companies that stand out prioritize inclusivity, fostering an environment where every individual’s uniqueness is not only acknowledged but also celebrated. As we navigate the tapestry of entries, let us champion those who weave threads of unity, understanding, and respect. In this mosaic of talent, may the true essence of diversity shine, lighting a path towards a future where every shade contributes to a vibrant and harmonious whole.”

– Shalini Khemka CBE, Founder at E2E


“The judging process was insightful. It is always great to see the next generation of innovation and how companies are approaching it. I looked at impact and penetration specifically, as well as robust disruption across said company’s sector in ranking my list.”

– Josh Wilson, Producer and Entrepreneur


“In judging competition entrants, in most case scenarios I looked for certain criteria and asked various questions: Is the proposition solving a problem that people face in their daily lives? Is it optimising a pivotal business function? Does it reduce time, reduce capital expenditure, increase security or perhaps save money? Is it offering a solution to what we term “a bleeding neck problem”? Is it a proposition that endeavours to impact society, humanity and the future on this planet as a whole in a positive manner and for the greater good? Based on these aforementioned reasons, my synopsis and conclusions of the ranking were ultimately formed and I was drawn to AI-based businesses, ones that bridged a societal gap or improved operational efficiency.”

– Angela Ené, CEO and Founder at Modafirma


Thank You to Our Judges!

Joanne Safo, Founder at Lukango

Joanne is the Founder and CEO at Lukango, an insurtech dedicated to providing easy-to -understand, flexible insurance to the underserved small business and sole professional community. With 15 years in the insurance industry, Joanne has helped launch start-ups, built high performing, global teams and is at the forefront of the use of technology in the industry. She continually strives towards racial and gender equality and wants to level the playing field for women and people of colour in the insurance and technology industries.

Shalini Khemka CBE, Founder at E2E

Shalini Khemka (CBE) founded E2E ( in 2011, where she is the Chief Executive and serves on its Board. E2E consists of entrepreneurs, investors, non-execs, and SME focused corporate organisations. Its mission is to develop the largest and most active entrepreneurial ecosystem in the UK. From April 2022 Shalini became a Member of The Advisory Board for Globant’s Bekind Tech Fund. In 2022, Shalini was awarded The Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE) for her services to entrepreneurship.

Janthana Kaenprakhamroy, CEO and Founder at Tapoly

Janthana Kaenprakhamroy is the CEO and Founder of Tapoly, winner of Innovator of the Year at UK FinTech Awards 2023 and winner of Technological Development at the European Business Awards 2021. Tapoly is a digital managing general agent (MGA) providing tailored commercial lines insurance to micro SMEs and freelancers. Tapoly also works globally, building end-to-end white labelled SaaS solutions that utilise emerging technologies to connect insurers with their distribution partners across the world.

Josh Wilson, Producer and Entrepreneur

Josh Wilson is a genuine disruptor in the media and tech industries, with a portfolio of companies including Global Venture Partners, Binj, and Wilson Worldwide. As Managing Director of Wilson Worldwide, an award winning film and TV production company, based in Dubai, Josh has steered his company to winning many commissions against the larger and more established production houses that dominate global television. Josh’s meteoric rise was reflected in 2018 with his inclusion in the prestigious Forbes 30 Under 30 list. The next year, Josh was asked to be a judge for the Forbes 30 Under 30 list in entertainment alongside musician Rita Ora and producer Stephen Garrett.

Angela Ené, CEO and Founder at Modafirma

Angela Enez is the CEO and Founder at Modafirma and a seasoned Finance Director with over two decades of experience in finance, investment, and technology. Her expertise spans private equity, venture capital, and banking, with a notable role at Arix Bioscience plc. Angela has also founded tech startups, is a certified digital strategist, and champions the use of data analytics and fintech innovations. Her commitment is to nurture future business leaders in finance, life sciences, and tech.



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